The imagination palace 3

The boy said 'it will be built by clouds
Big clouds over clouds
The clouds will be strongest
It will be against any bad thing
It will bear the wind
Its beauty over any mind
He will be a peace of smart
It is over any thought
It will big and wide
Has fresh air and water
The green will be at every side
The roses grow in clear and right
Her windows open at red and white
Roses to make the life is fine
Open the right window
You will smell basil
If you open the left
You will smell the mint
If you want say a violet rose
You must go at forward
If you want see the white rose
You must go backward
The walls will be limpid"
We said, "Wait, and wait
Why is the window placed?
What its benefit?
If the walls are limpid"
He loved and said,"
To have two things
Can't be gotten before the solids
First the smell and modes
Second the spirit of the plants
That can be gotten
And evaluate great worth"
The old man laughed and said,''
That as the princess
Who loved the poor man
The king was so angry
He wanted her to marry
The rich youth who was sheepish
She said she loved that man
He ordered the painter to draw
A picture like that man
In natural and good shape
The artist was so good
He drew the man in mood
Like him even in small thing
The king ordered to marry that
And keep the draw in its secret
Room, out of looking
The princess got ill
As the photo is not like the natural
Her husband was dull
He spent his money in hunting
He became so poor
He hunted her to get worth
Then he dismissed her out
She went in bad manner
The poor man knew
He hurried as the new
Spirit born at his mind
He was not afraid of warn
He was not afraid to be killed
He entered as mad one
When the paralyzed and ill
Saw him , she stood
The king said she was acted
As bad and ill
The doctor said," no dear!
She was truly ill"
The king said, "She had a draw"
The wise said," the draw had not spirit
The origin is not as imagine"

 meeting with pharaoh
by mohamad safan