Zaragola, zaragola

Zaragola, zaragola
The boy search for magic
To get money, to be more traffic
Famous as the star,
To be more panic
Every one fear to approach or ask
About you as you are more eyes
You want to hear the step of ant
You want to hear the whisper of bird
You want to be
The guy
Who is admired
By every one
By every person
Zaragola, zaragola
The first lesson
Is to convert the sand to diamond
He collected amount of sand
He made them as a pyramid
He turn off all the lights
He wore black clothes
His face was sadness
As a kind of interested
He light a candle
Red the Mascot
He closed his eyes
He said in low voice
Zaragola, zaragola
I will jump hoopla
The sand will be diamond
After saying the word
"Do ,ho ,so
I know you
Hide before the snow
That is ascend
Covering every plant
Convert it into white
The ghost traveled
To visit my diamond
It will be shine
As it is fine"
He opened his eyes
Turn on the lights
He ran to sand
Beating his fear
Expecting to hear
All the word the new invent
He touched the sand
He jumped ,jumped
Saying I succeeded
The sand converted to mud
His arm stood as a stud
He heard after that
Fire ,fire
He heard the extinguish cars
Coming with their sounds
The upper floor was burnt
He didn't actually succeed
But he shouted it worked
Zaragola, zaragola
Experienced to jump
Touching the sky
Compete wit a star