One ,two three again

One ,two three
You must be free
You must get up
You must stand
Again ,without late
You must not frustrate
You must deal with luck
As your enemy ,will attack
You must not play
The time may there
The God approaches every night
Gives you your demand
Get up ,get up
Don’t be late
If you still slept
All want you do that
To sleep without aim
You may understand
Put your aim
Clear and so bright
Put a plane straight
And try ,try
All famous failed
All famous had stopped
Their advance and walk
But they get up
Again even they failed
The sun may be obstructed
By the higher cloud
But it is still there
As it knows clear
Shines must sweep opposite
It is only the strongest
The ant tried ,tried
To carry a heavy seed
If she failed
She thought her nation
Would be soon gotten
The hunger and dead
Think as she thought
If you fail
Your nation may fail
Or they may be late
Do ,try and gain
Succeed and thank
From nation and gain
The paradise and heaven