The rose I love

I choose it between the roses
It was youth like her youth
Its smell was very best
Like her smell and her scent 
I can see its smile
Which likes her smile
The sun doesn't shine
In the mid in the sky
She shines here by my side
I imagine the east and west
Are collected in one side
All were happy and were smiled
her colors were brilliant
As the colors get in my chest
she looks very pretty
Like her in beauty
She urges me to say words
Stay with me till the ends
Of my life and yours
She says to me same words
Nothing separate ourselves
Except the end of ourselves
I will with you in any world
I gave to you my spirit
I ask my God to take my age
And give to you ,give
To live more than one age
The leaves tell me about her
They say "do you see flavor grow there
That grew beauty and clear
Different from any companion
She takes the all smart
And leave us little to attract
The insect had to complete
Our life circle, our world
She was only our world