They backguarded

They called the biggest
With lowest ,with worst
They cursed him
As the biggest killer
They named him
The prophet of unfair
They described 
As the biggest terrorist
They said he is
Responsible of injustice
He is the reason
Of the worst person
He is the creator
Of  the undeveloped
Nations and world
They said he will
Return to the camel
Time and forget
The rocket and progress
They said he let
To kill the other
Didn't obey his order
His religion his faith
They are liars
He is as dates' tree
Is thrown with stone
Will give their boon
He called for peace
He called for advance
He said the love
Must cover the world
He said in mean
Love to your brother
As you love  yourself
,Food for two
Is enough also
For three and also
The food for four
Is enough also
For six and so
,The will face
Covered by smile
At your brother's face
Have a well from god
Who hurts the others
Are not Muslims
Muslims prevented hands
And also legs from assault
At another person