Do you believe ?

Do you believe at love
Comes at first sight
Do you believe at her love
Makes your heart as a child
Wants her even he does give
Every wealth as she desired
Do you believe  your heart
Will get happy and laugh
When she is by his side
When she is not in sight
He cried with high sound
Do hear his beat
Do you feel his defeat
Do you remark his shame
Do you sense his feel
When she was out sight
Look at his look
It is not constant
His eyes fill of tears
He has a lot of fair
Do you believe in love
Comes at first sight
So go and look
And wait your talk
Every one said I am hero
Bear thousands of look
He returns with deaf
His tongue is stolen
 By only one thief
As his heart was stolen
By the same thief
They liked in active
To be her slave