Return to immigrate

They stood on the front
Waiting for him
That he would get out
The bad plan was put
By the worst masters of tribe
And the Satan led them to it
The God was the witness
The God saw their meet
He told his prophet
About that bad thing
His angel was ascended
Telling him to immigrate early
And the God will save surly
He went afternoon to a friend
Before his home was surrounded
Telling about the permit
To go out and to immigrate
His friend cried said a companion prophet!
his friend feel as a king
He show him two strongest camels
He feed them good
For that day to immigrate
He gave him the strongest one
Refuse taking a reward said
I sacrifice you the prophet of God
With my mother ,father and my land
He returned and telling his friends
Who believe him and in God
Who stayed at my bed
He will had a reward
Above any imagine and thought
He would have a high paradise
The mission means the killed
To whom stayed at his bed
As they waited and entered with anger
Killing the under cover and think
They killed the prophet without look
Or they may do against the orders
And attack the home in faster
Killing the sleeping without think
His youth cousin accepted
His youth cousin was the first fighter
He slept at his bed without late
He wore his cloth and acted
As the prophet did when he slept
The two angels ascended beside him
One beside his legs other his head
Said we wish to be in his place
As he mentioned in the heavens
All paradises decorated for his face