The immigrate

They stood at the front
Waiting for getting out
The plane was prepared
By their masters
Yesterday they had met
To think how got out
,Vanished the new act
And destroyed a new religion
One said we must prison
Till the death gets him
And thus his appeal will be end
The Satan was attended
He said" that is not bad
But the worst thought"
That he had been said
"He will spread his call
His guards will be believed
And he got out strongest
His religion will be established"
The second said "I thought
We must make him exiled
And he leaves their alone
And dies as an ugly person"
The Satan said that opinion
Carrying a worst opinion
"If we deported him
He may persuade others
They may follow him
He will return at another
Time stronger than before
He will attack every dissidents
And established his new call"
They said "Arab's brother
Tell us your thought"
He said "you must collect
Forty of youth and strongest
Of every tribes and wait
At the front of his home
Till he walks and gets out
To pray to his God
They killed him with a strike
So his tribe can't war them
And accepted the money
Against the killing him