She smiled

  • صورة  كارت وردة حمراء وفراشة متحركة

She smiled at them
Everyone smiled also
She walked and returned
She smiled again
They smiled again
Everyone said"
She smiled only only
To me"
Except one
I said" She can't even look
She can't even talk
To a person like me"
I waited till she went
I walked straight alone
My feelings were clear
My heart was free
I walked slowly
I walked in hurry
I don't remember
The road I went
I remembered only
My dreams dreamt only
When she was near
When iwent to the place
I found a shine face
As full moon at night
Her white was clear
Her eyes were green
She smiled at me
I owned to smile
As she is the only
Who can't be refused
Her ask and demand
You feel as accused
Person not to respond
She faced me
She looked at me
I approached her
I said to her
"I don't believe that
Your beauty is not smart
But it is over any fact
I will fell to the land"
She said "Do you want to ask
For who I smiled
I smiled only to you
Who had my heart
Who I want and demand
To be only my husband
My future till the last
Te only person is you
You are my only love
I fell with no move
Who can bear her love?