I know her

I knew her from the ancient
I knew her when I was young
I knew her when I was child
I know her when I grow up
I will know when I will be old
The world knew her as the mother
The world knew her as the shelter
The world knew her as having a food
And feed all world without any reward
Except prevent kill except prevent dead
My blood runs as her river
My color looks like her land
My body grew from her hand
As she help all rich and Poor's luck
She doesn't differ between them
They all are her sons as a viewer
Asks how all sons love her
Than any love can appear
She is the mother of nations
She put the rules of civilization
And led the human to advance
To change the time's face
From sad to happy face
She has a brilliant people
Her land is known by people
As the most bearable as the best
Who face her ,his end to is neglected
In a rubbish of the history and tales
She stayed great as she is
Her son do more for her
Do your best to change her
To make her happy and brilliant
To make her smarter than the last
To live advance till the last
And if you don\t visit her come
You will see the wonderful land
You will meet the kindest heart
And smile faces even they carried load
The wise at the ancient said
The drinker of  Nile must be back
It is true, he will be back