Pourqui? Pourqui? 3d

She completed the message
With horror governed hers
She red in temple tempers
“I love you from heart
I love you truly not false
 I would leave you
Choosing what you want
Without shame
Or feel of guilt
Or annoying of conscious
That might get
Forgive my lovely
You are my honey
Who I lived for
I gave you the lovely
Part of my body”
The soldier put the knife
Hard at his chest
He dug, dug hard
With crying and arguments
Of all attendants
The others tried to prevent
The princess completed and red
At loud without wait
“let him doing
I made the doing
 I planned it more
He refused to do
He is the closest one
I gave you what it is value
For me and for you
 If I guess and know”
The soldier got the heart out
It covered with blood
He gave her in hand
She completed and red
“forgive me my love
Forgive any guilt
Or any pain I caused
I confuse I was late
To save you from your jill”
She ended it
She fell to land
When she was up she ordered to kill that one
Who killed his honest one she loved?
Not only from heart
Every span of hers
Loved him and called
The love is not only
Meeting by each body
Love means making your lovely happy
When your love is happy
Your heat must be happy
When your love is sad
You must be sad
The world gets its green
The birds sing songs
And make harmony songs
The angels appear in white
When the hearts are white
At that
The devils are out
Dangerous is hate
Dangerous is own
To own who you love
And the other does not love
You must know
The love is sacrifice
The love makes the world wise
And your home becomes palace
The nest gets comfort
Than you live in estate
The world gets green
The food gets enough
The hard gets easy
The winter becomes lovely
As it converted to be
That is not the end
Her photo catching his
Drawing in temple
Showing the deathless
Love for ever

The end  

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