Pourqui? Pourqui? d

He looked forward
He felt with under dog
He wiped his eyes
His tears were almost ascended
He hardly could control them
He sat on his legs
Lifting his head
He bowed it
He remembered his fate
Why did she choose him?
No, he couldn’t look beyond
His eyes were downed
He remembered his lover
Why did she choose him?
The situation is difficult
He prayed to God
Not to save him
But only get her saved
He cried a look
He heard her talking
He looked towards hers
He got his courage from hers
He looked with hope
He asked hi God
He swear with his
To get her freedom
He looked at them
The jinn were gathered
They talked loudly
He felt that the land vibrated
He couldn’t hear anything
As their sounds were loud
He called at nearest
He asked with concentrated
“Who loved her?
The nearest jinn said at loud
Making him feel as he got up
Jumped up, up
He thought his head
Would touch the highest ceiling
The jinn said in anger,”
I loved her honestly’’
Our hero advised him
To tell them with that
As his princess loved the courage
Knight who will protect her
The jinn approached
Saying with low sound
“I will  kidnap her
And fly away
No one could catch me
As I am the bravest one”
The hero said,” no, no you will look
As coward one
Who fell in her respect?
And she will not give  
What you want?
Her heart
He looked amazing
He said in hesitating
“but she was married
And she loved him”
The hero said,
‘no,she hated
So, she didn’t become sad
As he was dead”
He looked with wide eyes
Big as the mouth of volcano
He tended his head left
Then he lifted it up
The balls of his eyes
Ascended at the end
Of his eyes holes
He tended his head right
That was huge as the big cloud
Carries by strongest wind
He screamed at loud
 And Said some words.  

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