Pourqui? Pourqui? "d 1

He looked amazing
He looked downing
He said at loud
It is obvious that
He talked to himself
He though prodigious
He thought at loud
Not only that
He struggled with himself
He looked towards ceiling
He looked to the land
He shuttered in words in speed
He looked toward his nation
He moved with motion
He said at loud
Our hero thought that
The land vibrated
He caught the iron
The jinn approached to his friends
He talked to them
“o! this is my lovely
And I will marry her
If you accept or do not”
They looked at each other
It seemed they don’t believe the speaker
They looked in silent
They looked as statues
They don’t have any motion
Till the jinn moved
Towards the princess’s jail
When he tried to open
The silence converted into noisiness
The peace converted into combat
The bad battle began
Everyone wanted to prove that
He was brave than anyone
They attacked each other
The war was dangerous and killer
He thought and cried
He regretted for that
But with his fortunate
One approached
He saw his back
He knew he struggled as he hardly moved
Step aside or forward
He thought in speed
Our hero tied the jinn’s hair
To the door of the jail
He tied it strong
When the jinn moved
As he could move his enemy
The door opened so easy
Our hero moved speedy
He looked around
As he didn’t believe that
When he saw the big spark coming
He bowed and hid
The other moved toward the princess
Looked at her elegance
Trying to fill his eyes from loveliness
As he saying in words
That he might not return
Our hero climbed one road
He became higher than
That nearest one
He jumped over his head
He caught the head ‘s hair
He was in trouble
What would he act?
He sang a song
Telling about the proud
When the jinn heard that
Blew his chest with a lot
Of air as he tried to prove
He is the strongest
The hero told him
To open the jail without remarking
As one looked
He might be killed
The jinn did in fast
He took off the iron in speed
As he took of the stubble
He tried to carry her
Over his big hand
The princess was carried
As she had deep sleep
He tried to wake her up
Our hero screamed loud
Saying at highest sound
“Look, look at”
The big spark was thrown
Toward his head
The jinn bowed
When he got up
The hero climbed up
Towards the jinn’s ear
He put the iron in
The jinn was annoyed hard
He jumped up
The hero was gotten out
For his luck
He did not hurt
As he was fallen at land
Covering with amount of soft
He moved towards her
He didn’t take her hand
In spite of her loud
Argument and demand


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