Pourqui?, pourqui? 2d

She cried hard
She talked with pearl tears
Ascended a lot
She said at loud
‘’All faith are dead
No one has honest”
He looked with smile
He said at loud
“No, honest is still
Alive and found”
The jinn saw him
He came and bowed
To caught him
The man stood
And waited
The jinn got sure
He caught him
He put the princes down
The  man was hided
Under the straw
The jinn became anger
He searched everywhere
He lifted some piles
He found nothing
His anger increased
He lifted every thing
Trying to found
The hero was behind him
He jumped over his back
In hurry and speed
He still tied the iron road
Beside his side
When he reached his head
He put the iron in his ear
The hero pushed the iron hard
The jinn tried to push the rod
The hero jumped down
He caught the jinn hair
That was long and tall
It was belonging to his back
He tied it speed
To the door’s prison
The jinn tried to push the road
Which was dug
He got it out
He felt with great pain
He jumped up
The door was separated
The hero jumped
He took the princess hand
She cried with happy
He closed his mouth
He could hide
They were under the straw
The jinn were in struggle
The man and princess could hide
Till the jinn fell in tired
He surely thought that
They were hurt
They could get out
They smelt the freedom wind
The nation saluted them
They became very happy
The princes in war room
The hero was chosen
To be his honest leader
The hero gave her a message
It contained’
Dear lovely princes
My power gets from Your elegance
I am happy to be with you’’
The hero looked at a soldier
The soldier was surprise
Put the sword ta the heart
The princes and soldier caught him
The hero before his dead
Saying with hardly talk
Let him and complete!”

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