Pourqui? Pourqui? 1b

Pourqui? Pourqui?
The soldier became leader
The soldier had responsible
He could be able
To return the matter
Which had been lost
And order the armed
Which had differed
He might save
The lovely slave
Who had broken heart
She lost her king
Her father was her demand
She lost her freedom
Her kingdom was gone
Get up my nation
Get up and be at one
Heart and one hand
Open your chest
To face even dead
Without run or escape
The bad is the situation
Get up and don’t get
Slept or had rest"
The enemy celebrated
What had gone?
The love changed him
It made his heart kind
About hers
And hard to them
He attacked
He went forward
He mocked and ascended
The enemy was strongest
They fought with hard
They fought in strong
The time was nearest
To be at the end
The soldier saw the situation
The bad surrounded his nation
He screamed and attacked
He was like a rock
Aimed toward the land,
Get it vibrated
Made big hollow in the solid
Could not be imagined or looked
He screamed at loud
His nation got up
As the sleeper waked up
As the blind returned to look
As the dead returned after having buried
What made the differed?
The love made that
The enemy were gone
No, no there is big thing
There is important thing
Than get victory and beat
The bad and the luck
He ran, ran after, fast
Moving arrows moving sword
Looking for the most important one
Looking for the honor
To be downed
To be mixed with sand
At last he knew the fact
She was in the solid
Palace surrounded with hard
Locks and iron in solid
The jinn were also guards
If one attacked
He would be smashed
Or burned or killed
He tried to get her freedom
The heart asked that
Who would come?
No one answered
All had feared

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