the train

The train goes
The train rushes
Who could stop?
The rains down
The rain crash
Who faces it
The train passes
Fast as the thunder
Kidnapped heart
As the love did
Who return it
The calm in roses
Roses are closed
The cold controlled
Moved its wings
Spread them as he liked
Attacked without resist
Enter as he wanted
And you must regret
And as you were surrounded
You must give up
The train passed
Take my heart
I waited my love
I was in
Stayed as the last
When the announcer said
The train would move
My heart would move
As the beauty will appear
The train started
I looked every where
There was even no ghost
My heart was broken
My heart was chattered
Who could repair
If you could return that passed
If you could return the lost
You could get my heart