Pourqui?,pourqui? 2b

He looked forward,
He talked to himself
He collected his soldiers
Telling him the fact
No one answered him
He wanted their help
All became coward
He stepped forward
The sun was absent
He thought she did
As his nation did
It became coward
He moved around
He thought more times
He waited till the morning
When the sun appeared
He smiled at her
He asked one demand
He asked his God
To help and give his hand
He moved forward
Hide as he could
But who could hide
From bad jinn
They had big wide
They had opened eye
They had a best sense
Knowing what is moved
And got it at a blink
They surrounded him
They took him
One said he had to do
He deliberated it
He faced the boss
The boss had fear face
And sound made things
Vibrated and flew
Our hero was not fear
He faced him with fair
Strong and brave heart
The boss laughed
Saying with mock
“Who dare to put
His foot over my land?!”
He said with loud”
Your land contained the most
Important and lovely one
It contained the rose
Which took our celebrate
When she was jailed
She took good luck
Converted our warm
To be cold
She took the light
The dark said his word
To return our happy
Return her fast”
He said,” What do you want?”
Our hero said in clear”
Dear majesty
Please, return it and don’t fair
We will maintain your fair
Our princess you jail”
He screamed” No”
He aimed to the wind
It carried him up
He ordered the luggage
To strike him up
When our hero downed
The Jinn’s king ordered
The light
To attack him in rust
He did one thing!

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