Pourqui? Pourqui? 2c

The king decided to kill him
The king was so anger
He focused his eyes
His eyes became wide
Like ocean without beyond
Shores shown beyond
Any eyes seen at horizon
They popped out
They seemed as long pipes
They sparkled with glances
They got big fires
They got strong lights
Took the sight from eyes
Our hero looked fear
His limbs vibrated
All jinn laughed
Our hero collected himself
He controlled his appearance
He said, “If I killed
With honor
Makes my nation proud
I must control that “
He got very brave
He looked at the jinn
He saw the light coming out
He closed his eyes in fast
He put the polish shield
In front of his face
To protect himself
That occasionally acted
Reflected the light act
Making the king blind
All attendants bowed
They said viva our boss
They lifted our hero up
He did not believe himself
He ordered them to go
They did
He ordered them to go
Left they obeyed
He became confident
If he ordered they would do
So he was in speed
He ordered to get the princess out
They looked him with anger
They said at one sound
We love her much
Over any one else
They jailed him in jail
Beside her and gathered
To think how he would be killed?

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