Pourqui, pourqui? a

Pourqui, pourqui?
They said to him
Why do you love her?
He said in short
Can plants live without water?
Can flies fly without air?
Can you see roses without admire?
Can you smell the good without feel?
Can heart pump without share?
Every limb in body to make sure
The live will not go without her”
There was a princess
Soldier loved in confidence
That he will not tell her
She will certainly refuse and dismiss
Or send him inmate without late
The king was going
To face enemy coming
To occupy his land
The soldiers got stood
The king trained hard
As he knew the enemy is strong
The battle began
The king fought well
The winds do not blow up
As the ships desire to go
The king was beaten
The king was gone
He was dead, he was killed
The soldiers returned with taste
The taste was acrid
They were torn
Their selves were torn
Also their cloths
She was as a ghost
She met him
She caught and shook
She cried and said
“Save my kingdom
Save my soul”
He bowed and agreed
He hid somewhere
He collected the rest
He cried and said
The princess became slave
We must get her save
We will swear at that
To return her freedom”
They agreed and started
They collected and attacked
They fought as one heart
They fought as you heard
He was in front
He said he talked
To the soul that coming
Of king and telling
‘’Fight my sons as solid
Fight more than you could!
Our kingdom must be free”
The soldiers got ready
When the sun raised
The enemy walked straight
Toward the kingdom to occupy
The soldiers downed
They waited tell the hot
Of weather spread its wings
The sweats were ascended
More than rain coming

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