Pourqui? Pourqui?3

Pourqui? Pourqui?
Pourqui  je t’aime
The time with you evaporated
It can’t be calculated
It is considered
It is counted
When my eyes gazed
When my eyes looked
They kept you
They closed
The eyelashes were strongest
To keep you at
Without run and escape
Pourqui Je t’aime?
The world is covered by green
The birds sang
The trees danced
The flowers shined
The sun gets more bright
The moon gets circled
The stars surrounded
As the jewels surrounded yours neck
I become in puzzle
Which is jewel
The marble or your neck
I forget everything
I forget my name
And remembered only
Your name
Pourqui Je t’aime?
I saw the world laughing
I saw the time fine
I saw the water flowing
Easy with light striking
Of fresh waves moving
If I look to the sky
I saw clouds drawing your name
And the light aiming
To your face
I see the sun decreases
Its lights when she sees
You as she fears
You are brighter than its

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