The celebration



The New Year came
The king was asked
Where did you spend
The last year passed?
He said in the cotton island
The people were puzzled
What did the king point at?
He might have new land
Or he might have a new battle
And had a victory over world
Or he might have bad mind
As his age was passed
He collected them
Asking his minister
He answered," you might dreamt
And that I can tell"
The king said, "Wrong"
The wise at palace smiled
He said "I recognized"
The man pointed not to speak
The leader of the soldier said,"
You might travel out
And have vacancy and amused!''
The king laughed
He said, 'wrong, wrong"
The leader of the guards said,"
You might get travelled
In the ancient and passed
And have hunted and attacked
The wild and strange created"
The king said, "Wrong, wrong!"
They were all puzzled
They said, "Tell us as we lost
Our mind and got puzzled"
The king pointed to the wise
He said, 'What is bed made off?"
They said," Of wood and cotton!''
He continued," what is the quilt made of?"
They said, "Of cloth and cotton!"
He said," So my king spent at the bed!''
They laughed and said that is good
The king said," I spent and thought
The way to vanish the war,
Decrease the pain at all,
Less the killings occurred
 Making the love established!''



by mohamad safan
ISBN-13: 978-1517599133 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 151759913X
BISAC: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General

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