The teacher and the student


The teacher and the student
The teacher is a husband
His wife is a student
She sat on the desk
He stood at the board
I will learn you a secret
That lesson is important
Take care with my talk
The lesson is so important
The lesson in low sound
Repeat after my talk
"I love you deeply
Now said it slowly"
She said "I can't
He said "repeat it
After me word, word"
He said "I love "
She said "I love "
He said "you "
She said "you"
She continued "but"
He said "fault
Come I will hurt
You at your back
Come, come to me
They hanged long, long
Then they kissed
He said in kind
With sound full of love
"if you do that fault
I will hurt you"
She said "I'll do"
He said "not advanced "
He contained "shy princess
I love you my heart"
She faked stammer
He dissembled anger
In voice of loud
Say after me ,lady"
She gazed with eyes
Killing all live hearts
"What do you want?"
In a spoil sound
His heart was trembled
His mind was chattered
He would be lied
He collected his power
He said in sound
Shaking of demand
"Say after me again,
Or you will be punished”
She said "that is my demand"
He said "I love you"
She said "I love you"
He said "my heart"
She said "what?"
He angered indeed
He said "what?
Am I not your heart?"
She sudden stood
Saying" not my heart
You are my spirit
That I live with
You are my eyes
Those I could see
You are my ears
Those I listen and hear
You are my nose
That I can breath
You are my air"
They gazed in desire
They hanged in power
They kissed longer
They differed again
He said in lower
Voice , hardly hear
Say after me ,lovely
She said in sweet
He faked anger
"No, that sentence"
He said
Then continued "I love you"
She said "I love you"
He said "my heart"
She said "my heart"
He said "honey"
She said "funny"
He struck the board
With the stick in hard
Saying "say a word, honey"
She said "funny honey
That is my heart
If you order
It has a matter
Of obey and respond
With one moment
Without wait or late"
She gazed in desire
They hanged each other
They kissed stronger
They hanged stronger
They walked in hanging
They exchanged kissing
They entered whispering
Their sleeping and loving
The curtains were descending
The speech was preventing