The meeting

He was walking
By a chance
She was walking
By a chance
They were meeting
At the point
They didn't plane
They only returned
Their love again
They only gained
Warmest feeling
That may be away
But they aren't away
They are here
At his chest
They are here
At her chest
And they met again
How did it occur ?
How did they talk?
How did they look?
She wanted to what?
He wanted to what?
She wanted to embrace
He wanted to embrace
And they wanted to kiss
Her cheeks became as a roses
Her cheeks converted to doses
Of veins filled with blood
Flowing as rivers in red
Of beauty feelings
Of wonderful sense 
And they met
By a chance
She looked shame
He wanted in blame
Of him
Of himself
She went as a shadow
Coming after narrow
Of little breath
In a hot weather
To change matter
He looked very sad
He said I am bad
He followed her
He looked at her
Leg as they are smart
He forget the pit
That was occurred
He fell at it
His face covered
With a lot mud
She heard the sound
She looked back
She hurried at him
They both embraced
She filled with mud
She hurt him
ًWith love
He cried at her
With love