They seemed

They seemed to be happy
In their struggle
By their way
She said she hasn’t
Any feelings about him
He said  “I hate
Every span at you”
They got away
Their road were differed
He wanted to do
Every thing he knew
He looked new
Colored his hear
Wearing new wear
And making a new shape
He went  to clubs
He waked till sun rises
Forgot his job
He loved or said
That young blonde
He gave her every want
He travelled abroad
And forgot his old love
She loved another one
Or said you are my love
She planed o marry him
His old had returned
His mind was presented
When he saw that rose
He remembered her smile
He apologized from appointment
With that smart and blonde
He opened his note
His old lover was that
He cried very loud
He said I am bad
She went to the shop
To buy the new dress
That she would put on
When she got married
She remembered her dress
That he gave her at present
She cried very loud
She gave up ,she gave up
She went to the garden
There were a lot of difficult
The rains ascended a lot
The taxis prevented to move
But she heard her love
She run very fast
Even she fell
Or she would be ill
She went there
At the tree at top
At their first seen
She stopped and cried
She told “all aren't faith’
He closed his note
He hurried as he could
His was very wet
As he fell at the land
He was very tired
He heard her sound
Saying that word
His heart trembled
His blood was rushed
As the river returned
With water and good
His head was brilliant
As the sun appeared
At the warm day
He looked very young
He stopped behind it
Behind the tree at top
He said “only one
I love you as one
Who chose between
All roses have seen”
She opened her eyes
She turned around
The big tree at the top
He turned around
They stopped
They turned opposite
Then they ran out
Of that turning
They met
They founded
They cried
They laughed
They hanged
Even the rain downed
Even the weather is cold
They stood a long