The immigration

The prophet went with his friend
On a strange and long road
To mock their enemies and make
Them selves away from look
Their guide was a man of the side
Who don’t not believe the prophet
It is an evidence to cooperate
With all human in the world
He  reached to the tent
Was build to assist and help
The travelers through road
To get rest and food
The tent for a woman called
Om mabad she was called
She was famous with her good
Of  giving without no rewards
Her husband working in growing
Sheep to trade and getting
Their money by selling
The prophet entered the tent
Saying peace up on you
The woman answerered with smile
When he sat he asked  with smile
The woman said no with swearing
He looked at an old goat
He asked “if she had a milk
The woman said “ it is old
And thin and had no milk
Since years and weak
The prophet ordered her to bring
That goat to him in direct
He caught her and prayed
To his God for help 
And blessing that goat
The breast of that goat
Filled with milk
He asked for a cup
He got some milk
Brought it at first
To the woman to drink
That good milk got
From unexpected goat
She drunk and satisfied
He handed it to the guide
He drunk till getting filled
His abdomen with a milk
He introduced to his friend
He drank till he filled
His stomach and fired
The hunger and bad feeling
The prophet drunk at last
He said in meaning
The pouring man is the last