The fat man

The fat man came
The fat man got up
The bus tended to fall
Till the man sat suddenly
The bus vibrated violently
All the women cried
The boys also cried
The fear came and went
The silent governed the attendant
All eyes were opened
All ears were waited
And the driver got off
The bus moved slowly
Till it got its road
It got his speed
It took his speed
He moved as a thunder
All caught their breath
All feared and prayed
All had believed in faith
All prayed with themselves
For God to help and save
The bus fell lower suddenly
The bus rocked strongly
All sighed loudly
The sleepers got up suddenly
The bus returned its stability
Then it ascended the bridge
It turned to the left side
That where the fat sat
The bus tended to fell
The bus became in the average
It might fall from the bridge
It tended, tended till it fell
Over the wall of the bridge
All cried to be helped
All prayed to be saved
The driver ran and jumped
The passengers saw their death
The bus hanged over some long
Stone residual from old building
The fat man moved
The bus fell into the river
He ran and jumped
The fat man moved
Toward the bus end
He ordered them to out
In hurry without late
First children then women
The men stood to the end
All cried at him
You must get out also
He said "I know, I know
What must I do
Get out with hurry
The life still funny"
They all hurried and moved
The bus slowly sank
Till the last one had out
The bus actually vanished
A few bubbles appeared
All were saved
Except that had a heart
He was actually fat
But he had a kind heart