The citzen

The citizen
He must be amazed
And get puzzled and astonished
He found  who spends his saved
Money by taxis for his comfort
For his stretched and projects
But his only step sister
Not step but actual daughter
Says that the actual thing
Is the war at those awful
She says "they are not
Considered as human ,I think
They must be out of think"
She used all new weapons
The tanks, planes are used
New army invention is appeared
To be faith daughter in fact
Do you see the killed babies
Who had no senses or feelings
Except those kind senses
Those hadn't care or hate
She said they will be terrorists
Carrying all weapons and guns
To destroy her top dream
To establish her land
From Nile to Forat
That her only dream
So America is supposed
To be the help support
To whom wants freedom
She puts the statue of it
In the entrance of the land
But her eyes were closed
Or she said she didn't hear
Imagine the advanced land
Didn't actually listen or hear
You must pay all your saved
To make her safe and rest
Viva Israel at all
Damned  those people
Who are they?
Arab in fact
Freedom goes to hell