You must confess

You must confess
That your heart is less
Than her heart at less
At her tale and express
You say she had your soul
She says you are her life
At all
At past ,present and coming days
You say she is your rose
That she fills your eyes
With high rank of sense
That makes you said poems
She said you are her only verse
She says all nights and days
She says when she alone
She says when she sees a moon
Telling him that you are more
Shine ,bright ,calm and more
Your are only her dearest groom
You say she as an angel
Comes with fare and good
She said you are the angel
Who carrying good heart
That must be valuable for mood
You are the river came with food
,Satisfy ,safe and has stood
As the sign of un death fare
You carry the deathless care
Not to her but all man kind
Say who carry more sense
Her or you at your mind?
She invites you to say
One word before the day
Ends that is “I
I love you honey”
You may know
You must know”