He draw her face

He draw her face
Her face was comeliness
Like the sun rays
He draw her face
The draw was fine
As her beauty was so
Over ranking of elegance
Its details was so smart
As it created by the best
Creature over any thought
He draw her
And kept into heart
He draw her
Put the draw
At the city center
Every one wondered
She is false or true
Every one wanted to know
Every one told a story
One said she is loved
She did fault so he let
Her down so she is dead
One said she was abroad
She came her as a tourist
She loved him indeed
At first sight
He refused to marry her
So she got abroad
Other said she was her cousin’s
She want to see
Him before he
Want to guard
His land ,his home
His mother home
Who is loved over imagine
But he had dead
So she left all the life
She did suicide
He still happy
As no one knew her home
Till she was asked about
He found her out
He knew that rich
Guy asked and reached
Her by his effort
They got both married
They travelled out
His heart was imprisoned