The hide beauty

It was an insect
Flew and lied over her head
I dreamt to be that
To see and to touch the smart
Without cloth, without covered
I dreamt I touched her hair
Gold as the sun sets there
Sending rays as her hair
It flew as the winds up
It can cover her forehead
Make her annoyed
It may be avoided
By silver finger or gold
If I see them nearest
They will be kissed
It can fly down or up
May or not be appeared
I would feel her smart
It will ignite fire in my heart
As I felt her beauty without
Any cover or obstacle part
My eyes must be closed
By her shine white forehead
I can't stay a lot
I moved to her eyes
They were green as the plants
Who grow naturally  with caring
They had more effort
To grow full and smart
They must have feed
Good quality and excellent
Notice! how they looked
Their rays knew their road
To inner heart without lost
You must close your eyes
Or you will not know in fact
You are alive or dead
Her eyes were wide
As a sea without land
Or shore to be stopped
To get safe and get rest
You got great violent
Who bear that attract
Move ,move in speed
Towards her rosy and colored
Red cheeks she had
Without shame was occurred
Smooth and talent part
Without effort was happened
They always have red
They fired with attract
Move ,move in speed
Towards her nose
How it was small!
And sharp in begin and end 
It must be loved
How she was so nearest!
To be nearest to your face
Do you feel your heart?
It must cried and said
"I wanted her and desired"
Do you notice your eyes?
They must be opened
Very wide without closing
Opened more than minute
Opened without closing
To amuse her smart and attract
Do you feel your checks?
How had they colored!
As they felt with fear
Do you feel your lips?
They thought of two things
Touch that intelligent
And kiss every point of that
Smart that had puzzled
You or made you mocked
Or said in high sound
"I love you from heart"
carrying a good heart
It must be loved
By your heart
You are my desired
At the begin and the end