Took ,took

Her smart took the mind
And chattered every heart

No way to get escaped
How could you get moved?
The troubles was occurred
Here or there you must ask
Why does the world get happy?
Why do the people feel amused?
The roses get colored and smelled
The weather field with every fly
They draw a pattern moving in shape
Of brilliant making asked why?
The green covered every span
The dessert changed to be kind
Had heart and surely mind
The sky was filled was clouds
Carrying fare for every created  
Then it colored with blue color
The sun appeared in shame manner 
Fearing of being ugly against her shiny
Its light is little than her white
When she smile, the world got wide
When she talked, everything got silent
No talk, no sign or movement
Every thin got eyes those are wide
I like to hide her in mine
I want to keep her at my inner
I prayed to prison her at my mind
She is not smart but in the highest.

meeting with pharaoh at kindle amazon
by mohammad safan