Took,took ,took 1


The love in a look
The love in a talk
Taking you a long
Away of land of heaven
Of land of fare
Everything is good
Everything tells love
Who hears that?
The only heart
Be near here
Be heard the whisper
Got of the heart
The life is rosy
The faces are lovely
The spirits are lighter
As they circled in the air
Telling everywhere
The love is fear
Love your land
Love your mother
Your father share
Surely your heart
Love your wife
Give her your life
Don't waste the time
With arguing or battle
Your age is short
Even you live a long
But love gives it long
And all thanked and talked
About only one
You have that heart


The thief challenges the impossible. The right love leads to victory (1) Kindle Edition 
by mohamad safan