took, took 4


The rose said with proud
"I am shinny
I have rose smiley
All wanted my beauty
My smell is completely
Known away, away
All amazed by the way
I get that color finely
My smell still strong completely
You can describe every thing
 You can say anything
And can also remember and think
Tell the truth without a blink
I am the best in fact
The butterfly comes to see
She must thank the God and say
How could I go in that way?
The fly needs to me surely
To get its food and get funny
The bees need to me completely
They come to chase the hungry
The get their honey
By absorbed my sweetly
The men knows me
They admired me
They hanged me strongly
And said they wanted me hearty
They wanted me deeply

They may be friendly
As they took my pollen
To maintain my type
The wind may be a friend
He can do the same job
I sleep early
And get up early
To keep my beauty
I am the best only
The tree was near
It said in a way
Of remember and worry
"Your age is little
You can be dead
The wind can blow strong
The bird can eat you fast
You can be neglected
The men who love
Will throw you
When they smell you
Do you know?
But the humility is the way
To govern every heart
To get every eye remarked"
The rose said in proud"
I can't be touched
I can't be vanished
I am over any blow
I am higher than throw
I will be known for all"
The end of the speech
The wind appears in rush
He lifted any thing
The blow was power
And has the force in strong
The rose was date
Her awake was late


a book by mohamad safan

    The thief challenges the impossible. The right love leads to victory (1) Kindle Edition