Happy New Year



The child talked
Saying I may take
The important one
The butter fly up
I will be up
Playing with winds
Chasing the rains
Making the rainbow
Show of lights
I will be at side
Of the sun arising
To amuse of her warm
I will play with her
Hiding before moon
Chasing the Mars
I will not look at land
The earth become band
Tied with evil and sad
It filled with hate
The weapons are sold
To kill his kind
And destroy the sand
The peace is ran
Or had to be ran
To see no chance
They kill as in race
Destroy every face
Having smile with elegance
To say no chance for peace
The chance is her
Inside at every heart
Saying wake up and hear
The war is the worst
It must be refused
The time will be passed
You will say I am lost
The fact is the land
Is wide for our kind
But you need to write
That you are the man kind
And the others have no kind
You kill, kill
Destroy and gain
What will occur
Burn the olive at land
It was the witness of born
The holy Jesus at home
You made the blood run
Over the holy land
You make the pigeon gone
Having a big wound
That can't be healed
I will play with clouds
Riding them in out
Of thinking of my mind
As a man searches for wine
To drink, drink and say at loud
I am the king
Others will be out 


the thief challenges the impossible 

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by mohamad safan