the help       
He was slave
His face was back
He worked in fields
Of caring sheep camels
He worked in trending
He must be honest
Or he would be hurt
And then left to the wild
To be suffered and killed
That man married a slave woman
They got a black boy
The man after he got amused
He carried the boy in speed
The woman waked up
Called in a weak sound
"What do you want?
He said in sad,
"I will kill this boy
Yes I want to kill my boy"
The woman cried," No!''
She had a lot of tears
And said," be patient
We must wait
May God have a new fare"
The man after some years
Said after getting up
"I saw my boy
Having big trouble
He walked in dark road
He had no help
Till the honest came and helped"
The woman said, "The honest!
Mohammad that is the best"
The boy suddenly cried
His mother was dead
He said with bad face
"Why we must have death?
Why does he take our love?"
The man hanged his child
The life went bad manner
The master entered in sudden
Taking the boy in hurried
 The boy cried at loud
His crying cut the father's heart
 He called for his mater
To be mercy and left him for years
The master's heart was solid
He said," He will learnt him to be patron"
The father and boy cried
As their hands were separated
They hearts were twisted
Their sad was grown



the thief challenges the impossible 
by moaham safan
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