Took, took

Feelings are inner senses
Feeling makes me in happiness
Feeling changes my world
Feeling tells without doubt
That I tend to that thing
Feeling comes with happy
Gets me looked with lucky
Future as I gained the victory
Or makes me in sad way
Do not have the ability to say
The life is good in every way
Feeling about you fluctuate in way
Once up, other high, near and away
Feeling as new guest coming in disappear
Changing your worlds in some fear
That may be good or sad in appear
Feeling for you is the feed
To my heart to get live
In walks in dessert world without fear
Feeling tells me you are the queen
Of my chest settle that is my heart
Ordered and governed as you want
Feeling about you is the happy
Makes me changed my way
Of looking at struggle life and say
That is my chance and good lucky
Which I must catch with my nail