Took,took 2

I am lost
The world is boring
it is not hearing
I will not wait
The time is past
In speed and fast
Faster than a thunder
I actually remember
The actions occurred in past
Ten or more as they were occurred
Stop and wait
My sight becomes short
The short is torn
They always talked
To repair and get good
The good is absent
The faith is dead
 I am certainly lost
I asked for a help
The help had been imprisoned
It was jailed
Now I will choose
The way to loose
Myself in a way
The way is beyond
I saw the hand
Telling in confident
Come, come in speed
You will get good
I went after the sound
It was not a loud
I heard and red
The peace must be said
When you pass
Upon everyone
The feed must be given
To the poor and neighbor
The prayer must be done
At the dark and night
The orphan must be helped
And wiped his sad
Passing your hand
You will got good
And mentioned up
Help the old
Respect and smile
Don't bore of your parents
Helped and thanked with fine
Kiss their hands
Thanking their God
Read and write
Do every right
Do not look angry
The time will be funny
Love your brother
At humidity with heart
Open and white
Blame yourself
Before blame the others
Tell it you have faults
All those, the prophet guided
And more than you thought
The world gt rosy
The sun got shinny
My spirit may fly
High in the sky
Telling every one
Myself become the one
Which believes in God
Mohammad's the prophet of the God

E book

The thief challenges the impossible. The right love leads to victory (1) Kindle Edition