At six o'clock

At six o'clock
On the morning at six o'clock
I got up and washed
I prayed to my God
I asked him to give his hand
And help me to complete my love
I would meet the family of my lover
They are important at my land
At six o'clock
I shaved my chin well
It appears white with fun
I had my breakfast at fast
I wore my ironed white shirt
My tie was tied was made
I wore the well-made suit
I put up my shoes
They were new and polished
High style in their shapes
At six o'clock
I descended to get a transport
 I saw the bus came in fast
 I got in thinking it is good
The bus was slow and walked
It was also bad and crowded
The sweat ascended much
That spoiled my smell in fact
And the time passed in fast
 I ascended in the nearest one
I took in taxi in fast
When I reached I wanted
To pay him but what a luck?
My money was stolen at past
When I got that awful bus
 I had to return to get another
When I reached the time was over
My lover was angry and said at lower
Sound between her tears and sorrow
You broke my heart and reduced
Our chance to achieve our desire
Go to hell and god will punish
At six o'clock
I stayed beside the river
Asking my God one demand
The six o'clock must vanish
As my will may vanish