The trick

That can't be right
That must be lie
To see that after night
The shoes were been at high
The prayers who got in
To pray to the God in
The mosque left their shoes
Out of the mosque to get in
Hurry without late or wait
The pray was after night
When the sun arises
It contains two kneeling
The prayer washes and goes
 To pray and ask God
To give his hand and help
To bless his day and work
To thank his God to his mercy
To ask him for giving happy
To avoid the sad be occurred
When they got in
They leaved their minds out
No thing can made them out
Of pray and think in God
When they finished
They got out but what is happened?
They did not find their things
The shoes was not staying
They searched and finally found
Them away from the mosque
They got and damned and cursed
The shoes were not stolen
They were still but differed
Or thrown away for a wide
They thought a thief doing that
To get the best one to crib
One of them tended to get late
He waited time out
He found what found?
He found a dog came and hurried
She took the two pairs of different
Shoes and threw them away
She returned with hurry
And took anther two shoes
She threw them at different sides
The man told them after being out
They became either astonishing or laughing
One searching for reason
He asked the women and children
The girls and soldiers
The answer was that was a dog
Female and had babies who were born
The babies were vanished
She cried and asked
No one answered or responded
He knew that tale
He stopped the prayers attack
He defended against that smart
And searched for her infants
He found two or three
He gave them to her
They made a deal free
She took them and be away
The prayers found their shoes
As they left without any different
At any way