they loved

hearts and flowers : Vector ilyuyustratsiya heart decorated with floral pattern Illustration    hearts and flowers : Card with decorative hearts, flowers and stars Illustration
They loved every where
They loved in the way
They loved in the rod
They loved over wood
They loved when traveled
They loved when stayed
They loved on the shadow
They loved under rain bow
To show their colors
Are shining than rains' colors
Their love was not by the body
Their love was by the heart
The two hears become one
Their love was by the soul
They have only one soul
They spirits mixed to be one
Their hate was surely gone
They love the world in green
Covering every span
They made the devil ran
And said help and let me safe
They let the angels down
The world gets grown
At high of meaning of love
Makes all get sense
Of proud of love of happy
Making the world funny
When they got up their God
To make the world very good and smart
To make the peace
Covering every inch
To get the devil
Absent and got gone
They meet at finally
At hers or his home
They after long absent
They kissed long , long
They hanged each other
He whispered my wife
My body my inner heart
She whispered my only love
My spirit my soul
They hanged and fell to land
They hanged with their power a long
The relatives felt with shame
To see that romantic game
They decided in selves to vanish
Except one dearly there
Felt with doubts and fear
He went to tell them
To get in the love and sunny
Room to make the flowers rosy
To get the sun shinny
To make the birds sings
In melody with happy
When he touched them
When he shook them
When he rocked them
He found their spirits up
They left that awful
And live at most beautiful
hearts and flowers : Card with decorative hearts, flowers and stars Illustration   hearts and flowers : valentine tree with hearts, flowers and pink doves