The player

He was so clever
Youth but so active
He plays with friends
Making marvelous in ground
He is good soccer
Making goals with attractive
All wittiness confirmed his benefits
Chattering their thought
There is a man of power
Who was told?
The great club manager
He was not passive
He ordered to be attendant
The train was hard
He ordered to catch that pass
It was long and hard
Hr tried to catch
He ran and skid
He couldn't catch
All laughed at that
He was gone and dismissed
He went crying
He shouted at mother
He said that is fault
I am not wrong
His mother said with hard
Voice and sharp sound
Because you are so weak
You do as little youth
Who depended on other
You re poor boy
The reach men want you
To be with their group
He said" ma, do they do?
With my father. They do?"
She said "surely boy!'
He stopped crying
He stopped and said
Ï am not weak
I will do my best
He trained hard
He entered the local team
They played in compete
They had to meet that club
The players were afraid
His mother told him
"Why you are so fear
Play and you have not any loss
But you my boy
Have courage to revenge"
He waited that day
The people and some tv
Wanted to watch that
The match began
The famous club had a plane
They played good
The first half was end
They got draw
All people courage the famous club
As he played good
The player was in
He looked till the pass
Was cut by his friend
From the famous club mouth
He roared loud and loud
He told him and signed
To pass the ball long
The friend was puzzled
He knew the last one
When he failed
He shouted to him
His friend passed between them
The famous club stopped
As they knew he is weak
His heart pumped in violent
His eyes hate to be closed
His mind concentrated
His muscles were puffed
His paddles was iron
He roared as the lion
He moved against wind
He flew against the land
Its gravity or hard
He moved so fast
He flew and skid
The other team stood
They expected his fail
He skid so long
He caught the ball at the end
Before getting out
He ran towards the aim
The others stood with amazing
He mocked one and other
He threw the ball over
He put it .He was soccer
Even it was not inner
It was a marble one
They attacked to put a goal
The ball was cut
It was send a long
He reached and squirmed
They expected to shoot
But he passed it to one
Who scored another one
Another got anger
They showed their power
But he was in anger
He ran, ran as thunder
He cut that awful
He weaseled with beautiful
He moved as a fly
He made the ball fly
Over his friend's head
Till it returned its head
Who put with faith in aim
The compete was end
The manger came and asked
Would you like to come with us
He said no, here is a marvelous"