The time is passed

     نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪wolf moving pictures‬‏
The time is passed
Who discover that to me?
Who say I am late?
The time will not wait.
Remember that compete
Occurred between turtle and rabbit
The rabbit was fast
He thought if he played
And had a rest after every fast
He would surely get
His want and demand
That is an old story
The end was not happy
For player for the loser
As he lost his want
When he forget his compete
Another was a wolf
Who wanted to hunt a deer
A deer was so intelligent
She saw his greed look
She said came to have a look
Of land filling of gold
Of deer, rabbit and goat
They stayed at the top
Of high ,high mount
She said look my lord
At down valley look
He looked downward
He saw smallest creatures moving
She said look they are a lot
He gazed, gazed
He was so greed
He said if I descended
I will be fat at fast
I will fly as a bird
My wish will be complete
I will the king of the world
My demands came in speed
The deer was returned
He completed his dream
He said I will build a house
Surrounding with servants
The meat came sooner
Cooked, with tomatoes or grilled
That is a brilliant
The deer moved with strong
She gave him a head stroke
He swung and asked for help
She said that is no help
My lord you deserved to be vanished
He was thrown downward
His greed was fallen
And his time was drawn