The sun

The sun asked the planets
To do their efforts
To make the universe better
They were puzzled how could they do?
They in fact know?
The first, they go around
They tried to be nearest
To make the winter out
The people of earth were annoyed
They wanted the winter indeed
They went it to sense the different
The other turned around
Turned so fast
It made the year shortest
The people of it were annoyed
They went the year longer
The days and months
The other was away
From the sun
To make the summer out
The people of it was annoyed
They wanted the summer indeed
To get their rest
To go at the beach
To get a sea trip
The other turned around
The sun so slow
It made the year so long
The people were annoyed
They went the year moderate
The other has not grown the plants
All animals were died
The people were annoyed
They went to the sun
She said in motherhood
The universes is planned
By our God at wise
Who tried to change?
He will get the worst
Thanks your god
Every day and night