Everyone wished

Every one wished
One wished to be author
Have authority and be obeyed
By his employees and stays
As important person have mentioned
Have a valuable car closed the road
Giving the mean of proud
He will be admired by amount
Of people who wanted to be at side
Of him or nearest to get their demands
The wise said that not right
The authority means be servant
Help the weak , right the tender
Making him go in his work forward
Tensioned who wanted to be backward
Making his group as bees at defend
Against any late or bad side
He will have no time
To notice who does or does not like
He entered his home tired
He will be hated or have troubles
By his wife and his neighbors
They demanded a lot and great servants
He will be older as retired
He answered when I order
When I give the author
To my employee and learn
Them they what do
I will be happy as well as them
The other I wanted to have cars
Travel speed , cut so far
I can imagine at their fly
They can reach the higher star
The wise said you can be looser
As the drivers are not bears
The most of them are wolves
 Who wanted to eat you sooner
They will take every penny
And let you need and be un happy
He said when I count everyone
Where he had come or gone
How he travelled at once
He must get my o.k
I will control all things
Other said I want to manager
Of school for pupils and elders
Learning good behaviors and characters\
Showing them the life is not faster
But we make it so falser
The love must be our behavior
The wise said the people are disaster
They will not do as you look after
They will make you as the star
You will find yours so far
From your imagine and your dream will die
He said by planning by insist
By doing every good
By cultivating love 
And doing every good
We will make life good
The wise said by plan
By insist and good design
By putting your aim in front
You will get what you want