The game

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I want to play
The game was there
I searched for one
To play and share
My friends studied
My parents worked
I have no one to talk
I searched for one
To play and talk
I found a duck
I said “Mr. duck”
Please have a look
Can you play or talk”
Mr. duck said” look
Dear majesty. Wait!
I have no time to talk
I have any moment to look
I look after my ducks
They swam in the lake
There is a fresh water
And blow soft air
You can smell good
You can look good
Your mind will grow
You will certainly know
More science in new
But only come and look”
I said “sorry duck
I want only to play
I met the dog
He parked for sheep
He guarded a lot
The sheep may go wide
They might go right
Or might go wrong
He baked “wrong ,wrong”
Some hear his advice
Some close their minds
And go with winds
I asked him in polite
Sir. Dog
Can we play or talk
He said why not
Come at my home
After the sunset
I will be free
He said “no
I am so great thank”
I meet the goat
I said to him
“high Mr. .goat
Would  you play
Or share
To have a good time”
He said
“I have a bath of food
Who enter get fat
Or have strong indeed
Come and share my food”
I meet the wolf sleeping
I said “would you play
And share good thinking
He said
“I have one game
The hunter and the victim”
I said “no thank
Go sleeping and dreaming
These are better for us
I meet my mother cooking
I asked to play and share
She embraced me longer
She put a count game
With her shiny smile
With her patient in longer
I learnt a count
I will learn medicine
To be a great doctor
I will learn maths
To be a great engineer
The designer means looking
And have good remarking
Playing may be a game
Or knowledge for your future
Learn and read more
You get great flare
Your home loves you more
Your mother loves you more
Let’s play a count
Or geographic lecture
Or the wild creature
We will be  lovable
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