Pray to the God

When I slept at night
I found some light
That made the dark afraid
I saw her as she walked
She sat by my side
The light became more shine
I didn't believe what happened
I could look at the inner
I could see the deeper
I imagined I can fly
By swinging my arms low and high
I could fly ,I could fly
She said come to the sky
Pray to your God
To be the man who is good
I got up with a mood
That want to do all good
She learned me how I could ablution
After I finished she turned
I was towards the holy Mecca
I prayed to the God
She  said wish what you want
 I said who will achieve what I want?
She said our merciful the God
I said I wish one want
She said "what do you want?"
I said I want marry you
She disappeared and I was lost 
When I got up, my mind was waked
I remembered what had gone?
I went to work with bad mood
Saying all women are not good
They said they love in strong
But they forgot it
When they saw the most
Handsome and the smart
When I began my work I found one
She came ,she like her in every  done
She said you sent this request and I accept 
I took the request  and I was lost
The request was I want marry you 
That could  be done