The cultivate

They dealt to change the land
From the poor manner to be rich
To have and achieve every wish
To get up that land over any witch
Wants to damn, to try to vanish
They spent  a lot of money
Their efforts were spent at many
Ways to get their wish shortly
They got every experience and duty
To get the land green and rosy
Their hope to decreased to be at any
Ways only green only funny
They failed, the said, they confused
The good angel appeared clearly
He said in oblivious and clear voice
You are so rich and intelligence
But you failed to get this space
Only that space  to be green
To convert from worst to be the best
To tell every one in every places
We  did great efforts and works
And look here are our works
But you failed because one cause
Your hearts are not clear
Your hearts are so dull not green
If you wish the happy to the others
If you wipe the tear from crying eyes
If you convert the sadness of orphans
To feel them they have chances
To live ,to play ,to be happiness
If they lost their fathers
They have hundreds kindly fathers
If the war occurred at a place
Must call the God and pray
To stop killing without mind way
To say to your wife and she must say
I love you honey I love you in a way
That if there is no God in a way
I will worship my hop in a day
May face the failure  in wrong  way
But you changed my way
Of talking of looking to smart way
If I become so beauty
I take it from your eye
You are the beauty I pray
To my God to keep and stay
Brilliant and smart for long years
Understand why it is hard
To change the land because your heart
Needs to be clean and had no worst
Thoughts or believes in god
Love your time, love your god
Hate only one that your self
When you don’t do good
When you forget your God
When you look to a woman and forget
Your lovely wife, your lovely one
When you don’t thank or pray
When you say I am the one
The others are the tails