My beauty dear

My dear ,my love
She is only in shape
Her face was so smart
Her eyes were so wide
Like the sea at sight
Her eyes balls were green
As the plants appear in great
Land that converts the effort
To be seen in big and fact
Her body is like the branch
Of tree that has more fresh
Fruits these have good smell
Her cheeks are red
Always, always red
As she heard a lovely word
Or she sees her love one
Saying in whisper mood
You are my world
Her lips are always red
As she  may tastes a strawberry
You may ask who is more beauty?
She or that straw berry
Her forehead is so white
She may have rays
More brilliant as sun’s rays
The moon is jealous of look
Who has sit in a heart?
She actually in fact
Has place in heart
The moon appears every month 
But she appeared if she loves
You and you is her heart
What a treasure have you got?
When she said with her soft
Lips in weaken and good talk
You are my heart
Her face is so brilliant
As it reflects a sun light
Who could bear that smart?
Who could bear that word?
Who could hear that confused?
Until he said I am guilty
 As I must treat that gift
As the princes of my heart
She deserves to govern not mine
But the whole world to be fine