Baby get up

I want you to know
I wt say to you
You are my heart
You are my liver at land
You are my spirit ,I must
Keep it at height, shine as light
Clear and oblivious in white
Don’t know hate or any fight
Except that against unfair
The world waited for your coming
Didn’t it celebrated at your born
Didn’t it name with the best
Names of famous to do and  act
As they were  to do their effort
To make the world easy and comfortable
It looks to you as you the hero
Who can change the life
To be more  available
You was born to increase the fair
You was born to chase  fear
To decrease the injustice
To make the world governed with justice
To help the people live in peace
The war must be memorial of the past
The weapon must be scrap at last
The enormous money must be for land
To get it green ,to make it kind
To spread the water and food
To help the poor to change their luck
There is no luck, but it is your work
If you work well and hard
You will gain happy and live at rest
If you work hard at youth
You will rest at your growth
If you gain money without any hoax
You can help more people to live in gladness
Didn’t I see the world wants you my son