Dee dee ,doo

Dee dee doo
You must know
To be hero
You must train
To be the one
Who deserved
To be the hero
Sleep early
Get up early
Be friend with your mom
Natural is your mom
She ordered to sleep
Less than eight in count
Eat, eat also well
Get up early
Don't drink
Don't smoke
Don't get awful things
Don't make bad and wrongs
Do not look to the girls
Bad or lower look
Don't say and talk
They are only for sex
They are your sister
Lovely mother and daughter
They are all bitch
No, no that is the witch
Said to destroy your wich
To be man and hero
Dee, doo
Read a lot
Study more
Do not stop
The science has no end
The scientific doesn't say
I am the first one
He forget his know
He learns more
To be only one
Who deserved to call
You are the hero
Read and know
Ask and remind
Keep at your mind
It is a muscle
Like any muscle
If you train it
To be strongest
It will be that
If you train it
To be the weakest
The drunk man
The drug man
Doesn't know
Only his want
He doesn't think
Except to forget
To be the hero
Face the hard
Do your effort
Gain every point
To be the first